“Just a note to let you know, we consider her the BEST in town, regarding both, the professional demeanor and personal concern shown during our visits. We highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone needing help with their hearing problems.” 

-Harriet P.

What Sets Our Practice Apart


Our Unique Service Model

In reality, anyone can benefit from our unique service model. Based on our experience , there are many individuals who find it difficult to physically mobilize, obtain transportation, are reluctant to travel to an unfamiliar part of town, or just don’t feel confident driving. We eliminate the stress of these logistical challenges by coming to you. For busy professionals, we accommodate our appointments according to your schedule. The hearing aid fitting and service process often involves multiple appointments during business hours. Many people simply do not have the time and often neglect their hearing loss for many years as a result. By bringing our services to you, we save you numerous hours taken off of work. This equates to both increased productivity and optimized job performance.


Service In Your Environment

Hearing aid programming that takes place in traditional practices that are quiet and without noise is unrealistic. Patients often realize that their hearing aids sound very different when they leave these offices and enter the real world and consequently find it difficult to pinpoint the problems when seeking help from their audiologist. Sometimes it is a specific room in the house or a favorite restaurant that is particularly challenging. Bringing our services directly to patients allows for a more personalized hearing aid experience by taking into account everyday real world environments that patients find themselves in and making adjustments accordingly.


Personalized Attention

No more ten minute appointments, sitting around in waiting rooms, and waiting weeks for an appointment. At Concierge Audiology Las Vegas, we aim to listen to our patients more and spend extra time with those who need a little more TLC so they don’t feel rushed through an appointment. As a result, patients are often pleasantly surprised to learn more about what their hearing aids are capable of and appreciate the extra time we take to elevate a hearing aid experience to the next level.


100% Independently Owned

In our industry, there are many practices under the ownership of or have a strong affiliation with certain manufacturers and will limit their recommendations to patients based on this relationship. Concierge Audiology Las Vegas is 100% independent and we only work with the latest technology available. With the patient’s best interests in mind, our recommendations are based on extensive research, development, professional experience, and high rate of success.

Professional, Friendly Service

Why choose an audiologist?

People often assume that all hearing aid dispensers are audiologists but this is not the case. Audiologists help diagnose and treat disorders of the ear and balance systems and also specialize in hearing aids. An Au.D. (Doctorate in audiology) is the highest level degree one can attain in the field of audiology and it takes years of education and training to attain. Having enough time to spend with patients allows us to follow best practices within the scope of our practice as audiologists. This means we take the time to do a thorough case history, comprehensive audiological examination, make appropriate hearing aid recommendations, verification with real ear measurements (REM), maintaining a good follow up schedule and making referrals to primary care physicians or ENT specialists when appropriate.

For these reasons, ear, nose, throat (ENT) specialists typically prefer to work with audiologists and rely on their diagnostic testing to perform surgeries and recommend treatments. These ENTs and other physicians also often entrust and refer their patients to dispensing audiologists to recommend the best hearing aid options. When making a decision to find the right professional to handle your hearing needs, it is always a good idea to choose a trusted and reliable professional who will look out for your best interests.


Insurance Information

A note on insurance benefits and things to consider:

Traditional Medicare does not cover hearing aids, routine exams for hearing aids, or on-site audiology visits at all. In very rare cases, some insurances may cover a small portion or offer a discount with very limited service plans. As a unique practice specializing in convenient on-site hearing healthcare and exceptional multi-year service plans, our patients understand the value in what we offer. As out-of-network providers with health insurance plans, we can provide the necessary documentation for direct reimbursement claims upon request (read further for more information). Patients are responsible for understanding and abiding by the terms of their own plans. All fees are collected at the time of service and acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, credit card, a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible savings plan (FSA).

In many cases, what seems like a benefit through insurance in reality may not truly be a “benefit”. In order to accommodate costs for a growing hearing impaired population in need of hearing aids, many insurance companies, working with third parties, offer discounted plans with very limited choices in terms of providers and hearing aid manufacturers (which are not all the same in terms of quality and performance), as well as bare minimum service plans (i.e. 1-2 total follow up visits during the first year) to keep costs down. As a result, in-network practices have resorted to volume-based healthcare (i.e. booking as many patients as possible in a day with the shortest possible appointment slots) to make up for revenue. This often translates to ten minute appointments and this is where the quality of service degrades. It is important to be aware and understand how all of this can result in frustration and dissatisfaction due to negative experiences. At Concierge Audiology Las Vegas, we do not allow ourselves to be dictated by limitations of insurance or outside parties. Instead, we have the freedom to stay true to our beliefs by working with only top manufacturers and providing exceptional service through time spent, listening to our patients, and offering extra assistance to those who need it. A number of patients have opted to forego the limited “benefits” offered by their insurance and have preferred the freedom to choose the best possible hearing healthcare available. Why? Because hearing matters to them!

By providing convenient service visits on-site at homes and offices and multi-year service plans, we offer an exceptional value that sets us apart and is a bonus that our patients truly appreciate. While mobile audiology exists across the country, the mobile/on-site aspect of our practice is unique in Las Vegas and not covered by any insurance unlike some home health services. Given this unique offering and value added bonus, our price range is competitive and we invite you to experience what we can offer.

Over A Decade of Experience

Hearing Aid Brands



Understanding the Bigger Picture – Let’s Address It Together

Based on my collective professional experience as a doctor of audiology, there were a couple key realizations through the years. First, volume based healthcare, that is seeing as many patients as possible in a day, did not appeal to me. I wanted to be able to focus on quality patient care by listening, taking the time and effort to address patient needs and concerns, and adhering to a higher standard of best practices without cutting corners. Second, accessibility to quality healthcare is extremely limited for those who have mobility and transportation challenges. These realizations led to the concept of Concierge Audiology Las Vegas.

I love what I do because I help people connect with the world which often becomes a transformative experience that improves overall quality of life. Through this unique service delivery model, we are able to help many people who might not seek help to begin with. It is not uncommon for initial appointments to take one and a half to two hours and given that a hearing aid fitting process and follow up maintenance involves multiple appointments, all of our patients appreciate the quality and convenience of the on-site service we provide.

Meet Dr. Kathleen

Thank you for expressing interest in learning more about how we can help you. I commend you for taking the first steps towards change, acknowledging that you have a problem and seeking help to improve your situation. I would like to share with you what a privilege it is to be an integral part of re-establishing communication between couples and families, witnessing someone gain self-confidence they never knew they had, and helping those individuals who want to succeed with job performance. These experiences make me passionate about helping people hear their best so they can live their best life.

The concept for this practice began a few years back with a particular elderly wheelchair-bound patient who regularly came in to see me. His physical condition presented a significant logistical challenge for his wife who struggled to bring him in for regular appointments by herself. As his physical state deteriorated, he could no longer come in to see me in person. His hearing needs had not changed, however, and not being able to hear had a dramatic impact on his communication and quality of life. In order to help him, I provided special housecalls to him, and by the last time I visited him, he was in hospice care. I knew that I had made an impact by providing the ability to communicate with his loved ones before he passed away and I am sure this gave them some peace.

I realized that this type of service is a necessity for an underserved population and anyone seeking a convenient option. It is my goal to provide quality service by spending more time with patients who need it so they can really hear their best and utilize their hearing aids to the fullest. I love what I do because I help people connect with the world which often becomes a transformative experience that improves overall quality of life.

At Concierge Audiology Las Vegas, we are intent on determining a solution for everyone. Let us help you or your loved one hear life to the fullest today.

Kathleen Lee, Au.D.


Kathleen Lee, Au.D.

Kathleen Lee, Au.D.


Education, Credentials, and Affiliations:

  • Salus University – Au.D. Doctorate in Audiology
  • California State University Long Beach – M.A. 
  • Wesleyan University – B.A. 
  • Nevada State Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing License #A-165 dispensing
  • American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-A)
  • Clincal Fellowship – University of Nevada School of Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Research Audiologist

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