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“Kathleen Lee was patient through the service she gave me with hearing aids. I am not an easy person to deal with but she was very patient with me all the time.If anybody needs hearing aids, I would refer them to her.”

-Angela L.

On-Site Hearing Testing

Let’s thoroughly understand the problem if there is a problem before we discuss a solution.

Mobile Hearing Aid Services

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Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss and other hearing problems. It is described as hearing sound in the head or ears that does not come from an outside source. Many people will hear ringing, buzzing, hissing or whistling sounds, but tinnitus can be other sounds such as roaring and humming as well.

Different people will hear different sounds from tinnitus but how they hear it can also be different. Tinnitus can be loud or quiet and it can be continuous or occasional and some people will not notice their tinnitus but some people become very annoyed from it, especially when then feel tired or stressed. We can help.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Daily wear can take its toll on your hearing aid, which is why they need to be cleaned properly and regularly. Daily maintenance can easily be done at home, but for deep cleaning, it is best to rely on the professionals

Can Hearing Aids Help With Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a very common condition and it refers to  the perception of ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling, etc. which can be constant or intermittent. Usually it is a result of some kind of damage or trauma to the auditory system and some of the most common causes include noise exposure, aging, medications, and medical conditions like Meniere’s disease and otosclerosis. Hearing loss is often present with tinnitus so a hearing test can be helpful. While there is unfortunately no cure for tinnitus, many people often find that hearing aids can alleviate much of this bothersome condition through the amplification of missing sounds and the ambient soundscape. In addition, special programs can be added to hearing aids in which a user can turn on a masking feature (usually a type of noise or ocean wave sound) to block out the bothersome tinnitus and provide some relief.  The American Tinnitus Association cites hearing aids as a valid treatment option based and so we recommend trying them especially when hearing loss is present.

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While anyone can benefit from our services, there are many individuals who find it difficult to physically mobilize, obtain transportation, are reluctant to travel to an unfamiliar part of town, or just don’t feel confident driving. We eliminate the stress of these logistical challenges by coming to you. For busy professionals, we accommodate our appointments according to your schedule. This equates to both increased productivity and job performance optimization. As a 100% independently owned company, we keep our patient’s best interests in mind and we only work with the most advanced technology available based on extensive research, development, professional experience, and high rate of success. We aim to listen to our patients more and spend extra time with those who need a little more TLC so they don’t feel rushed through an appointment. Bringing our services directly to patients allows for a more personalized hearing aid experience by taking into account everyday real world environments that patients find themselves in and making adjustments accordingly. Given the numerous advantages that what we can offer, we invite you to experience hearing life to the fullest.

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